HANCEVILLE – Wallace State Community College’s first massive open online course, or MOOC, was so successful that a second one, Math 090, is planned this summer. The free math 090 course begins Monday, June 9 and continues until August 4.

The MOOC movement, led by some of the nation’s most prestigious universities – Stanford, MIT and Harvard were among the initiators—makes courses free and available to anyone with access to the internet. College credit is not offered for completing MOOCS, but some colleges, including Wallace State, issue certificates of completion. No grades are issued; success is merely pass or fail.

Wallace State is offering math 090 as its second MOOC in order to assist those students who may be preparing for placement testing before the fall semester.

“Our second MOOC is for any student that wants an overview or needs a review before beginning fall semester. The course will especially be beneficial for those that have not had a mathematics course lately,” said Dr. Beth Bownes Johnson, Wallace State’s Dean of Academic Affairs. “We are encouraging students to participate in the MOOC before placement testing. Hopefully, it will eliminate the need for additional coursework because they will test higher.”

Math 090 reviews arithmetical principles and computations designed to help a student’s mathematical proficiency. It’s one of the key courses a student takes before embarking on a placement test.

Wallace State’s first MOOC course was offered last fall in Conversational Spanish.

“The first MOOC had approximately 140 students register, and we offered it as a free service to assist community members because we had a growing Hispanic population in our service area, and we felt they might profit with additional training,” Johnson said.

Registration for the course can be completed at www.wallacestate.edu under the “Upcoming Events” tab.

It’s labeled “Free Math 090I MOOC” on the home page.

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