HANCEVILLE, ALA. – Wallace State’s Introduction to Poultry Science class is again available for the fall semester as the ‘2+2’ Poultry Science program partnership with Auburn University continues to progress.

“It’s a popular class and we hope it becomes more popular. The poultry industry is such a huge factor in Cullman County and in North Alabama. It’s a big part of our state,” said Melanie Glasscock, a Wallace State biology instructor who teaches the introduction class.

Cullman County, where Wallace State is located, is among the top poultry-producing counties in the state.

Students enrolled in the ‘2+2’ program come to Wallace State to complete their freshman and sophomore years of college and then transfer to Auburn University for their junior and senior years, culminating with a bachelor’s degree in poultry science. The poultry science courses at Wallace State are administered under the Agricultural Production/Horticulture program umbrella.

Wallace State’s ‘2+2’ partnership with Auburn University’s Poultry Science program began in 2013.

The poultry science introduction class will meet during the fall semester on Tuesday and Thursday from 1 p.m. to 3:15 p.m. It’s a four-hour credit course.

For more information about the poultry science program at Wallace State, visit http://www.wallacestate.edu/programs/technical-division/poultry-science

You can register for the course here: http://www.wallacestate.edu/register-now

For more information about Wallace State, visit www.wallacestate.edu.